Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Technology in the classroom

There is a student with in the classroom that does not speak much.  She often does not get her school work or homework done.  I could see that it would be much easier to access her reading skills by recording as she reads aloud and taking notes later listening to what was recorded.  It can be a trial to hear her read and then when she notices that the teacher is taking notes she clams up even more.  This would help the teacher ensure that she is reading at the right reading level.
Another student in the class is ELL, although she speaks English fluently, her parents do not.  If the teacher was able to record the beginning of the year parent night with voice memo, then transfer that over to the speak it app which could turn the voice into text.  The text could be sent to Google translator where the text could be turned into Spanish and then emailed to the parents. This would have helped the student by allowing her parents become more involved in her learning as well as have an understanding of what is going to take on in the classroom throughout the year.
I could pick out one student for this app but I think I would like to focus on the entire class that would find this application useful.  However, that is not what the task at hands calls for.  Therefore I will focus on a young boy who some may consider to be highly capable.  He is always getting his work done quickly and most of the time it is done correctly and neatly.  He often does not have much to do while the rest of the class is finishing up their work.  At this point I would think that handing him an itouch could be beneficial. The touch would have several different apps that he can choose from based on the subject that the class is working on.  For example Math Ninja would be a great app for him to use during math time and NASA has an app that would provide him with a lot of science information during science. 
As of right now having enough itouches for each student in the classroom is not a reasonable use of material money.  However, with how much technology is changing it would be long before many classrooms have them.  It seems that calculators will soon find their way out the door and the itouch will be in its place.

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