Monday, October 11, 2010

Literacy Blog 1

This weekend I had a wedding to attend in Poulsbo. I head over there the night before to save time driving. The next day I was walking through the small town. I walked into one book store and was disappointed to find the high priced books. I continued my way through the little shops waiting for the time of the wedding. I found this one little shop covered with used books. When I did a quick walk through it appeared that the books were mainly adults. I took one last look around only to discover that my first impression was wrong. I spend a lot of time going through hundreds of classic children’s chapter books for all different ages. I found myself remembering the times that I had read the books and some I had read to me. I thought back to last week’s class and how we discussed the books we remember most from our childhood. It made me think back to the moment I decided I liked reading. If I had the money I would have bought a lot of these books that were before me. These books brought me into another world away from the one that I knew. I knew I needed to pick a few carefully. I want for my future students to find a love in reading but in order for them to get there they need to find that book that catches their interest, one that they just can’t put down. I don’t remember what book it was that did this to me but to each person it may be different. I searched through the books and grabbed a large variety that I hope will attract both boys and girls to read. I ended up with about ten books for thirty dollars. I was very proud of my findings. I hope that someday I will be able to venture my way back to this store and continue to grow my collection of books. I may not know the grade I will end up teaching but I think that it is important for me to have a large range in my library and to start now so that I have something to start with. I am excited to share many of my favorite books in read alouds, and possibly share some of these books this next year.

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