Sunday, February 13, 2011

Itouch in the classroom

I have not handed the iTouch directly to a student yet. However this does not mean that I have not been using it.  I really enjoy the recording device and have found it very helpful when I am doing running records with students.  Many students seemed to becoming conscience about me when I am writing notes when they are reading to me.  They are often pausing while I am reading to see what I am writing and then when they are done they ask me what they did wrong.
One student in my classroom is selectively mute.  I have found that I can get her to talk to me a little bit when there are no other students around.  However because she is shy and very nervous it is also very hard for me to get a reading record done with her.  Using this device has helped because I have been able to place in on the table while she reads and both the teacher and I can hear her where she is at as a reader. 

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