Sunday, January 9, 2011

Understanding Math

Last quarter when I was told that math would primary grades fall quarter and for winter quarter I would be studying intermidiate math, I became concerned about how well I would do.  I was never very strong at math growing up.  I found that it was challenging for me all the way through high school.  However once I entered college some of it started to make more sense and it became concrete. 
This week in class while working through some problems and talking about quadrics, I had an "ah ha" moment of my own.  I had never realized that if a problem was quadratic it could be broken down by subtracting X-Y=A and that A would always be the same all the way down chart. I am sure that I have been told this before but it never really seemed to hit me until then what was happening. As I worked my way through school at some point I stopped questioning the teachers about all the formulas they were giving me and started to memorize them and take them as fact.  Now that I have a better understanding I hope that I can help the kids find the equations on their own and help them understand why the formula works instead of telling them to take my word for it. 
throughout this class, I hope that I will be able to become better at math and start to understand the why of how math works instead of just taking some one else's word for it.

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